EB2 - Priority dates and I-140 processing dates not changing ..

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  1. cool_dude74

    cool_dude74 New Member

    My company has filied my I-140 in december 2006 at nebraska service center in EB-2 category. I am tracking the status on this service center and nothing seems to be moving.
    Even the priority dates are not moving for EB-2 from last 5 months :mad: (For India).
    Is there something wrong with EB-2 filing ? what's going on? Anyone is having any updates ?


  2. docboston

    docboston Registered Users (C)

    My EB2 filed in july 2006 was approved in exactly 5 days!!!. My wifes, also filed in July 2006 is still pending, althought the processing date is current for last 2 months.
    USCIS moves in mysterious ways. Just relax and carry on with your life.
  3. cool_dude74

    cool_dude74 New Member

    Huh..Strange.. That's little relaxing, but again mysterious are always make u nuts..
    Anyone else, had same kind of experience ??
  4. aawara

    aawara Registered Users (C)

    My I-140 was filed in Dec 2005 and it got approved in July 2006. I have been stuck in retrogression since my PD is Nov 2005. This wait is indeed frustrating. EB-3 retrogression may be understandable due to too many applicants however I fail to understand why EB-2 is retrogressed for India.

    Are the backlog centers churning out EB-2 approvals fast enough for this category to be retrogressed ? Even if they are I thought only a few companies were applying EB-2 labor in the 2002-2004 timeframe due to constraints.
  5. advtjsr

    advtjsr New Member

    Petition to advance EB3 and EB2 priority dates


    If you are frustrated by the fact that the government is giving away gcs/citizenships to others while we highly skilled professionals wait indefinitely for our gcs, then please click on the below link and sign the petition.

    If we succeed in getting 25,000 signatures before 12/14/2012, the Obama administration will be forced to take action.


    Forward this to ALL you friends. Let us make this happen.

  6. andrewop

    andrewop New Member

    you are welcome here
    EB2Visa Cut-off dates will be Current for Mexico, Philippines and all chargeability areas other than countries listed. EB2 Cut-off date for India will remain the same as 08MAY06 whereas China might have advancement of 20-30 days


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