EB1-EA - moving to India: Help please


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Hi All,
This forum and feedback/suggestions from different people has been very helpful. Thanks to all.

I have filed (no lawyer) I-140 under EB1 (EA) category in March 2011 (TSC) and it is still under INITIAL REVIEW. Now I am moving back to India due to family reasons. I need help/suggestions regarding the following:

1. Is it possible to change in my petition from "applying adjustment of status in US" to "applying adjustment of status in India (consular Processing)? If so what forms should I fill/submit? or writing a request letter to USCIS (TSC) explaining my current situation and requesting to change it consular processing is sufficient?

2. I believe I have to change the correspondence address on file with USCIS? If so can I provide one address here in USA and another one India?

3. Any other issues/suggestions/advice in this regard will greatly help me.

I plan to complete these formalities by the end of this month (preferably before 31 July, 2011). I hope you all understand my situation and help me in this regard.

Thanks in advance.