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Do I stand a chance??

I am preparing my EB1-EA petition (self). My credentials are:
PhD from one of the Top 10 US university
2 MS from a 3rd ranked institute according to the Times London (Educational Supplement in 2005)
2 professional memberships
1 Fellowship award, India
1 Member of a Technical Committee of an internationally circulated journal
2 first author paper (15 citations)
1 Second author paper (41 citations)
1 fifth author paper (8 citations)
1 Manuscript under prep (just for resume)
11 Poster presentations (National and International) with published abstracts
Currently working for a state government under H1b visa, and work in a much talked about topic today

Any suggestion whether I can go for PP. I am also thinking concurrent filing.


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Suggestion on my EB1-EA or NIW eligibility

Can anyone provide me a suggestion about my chances for GC under EB1 EA or NIW, following are my credentials,

PhD (2007) and MS from US university in Nanotechnology
4 Journal publications as first author with 14 citations all by other researchers
1 web article in a reputed journal site about my work
3 Journal publications as an author
3 Conference papers
8 presentations (4 oral+ 3 poster) at international conferences
Travel grants to attend conference from conference organizers and inter university award
One patent and one journal in submission
Did work in national labs in US and Europe during my M.S. and Ph.D.
Can get reco letters from independent reviewers about my work

Your suggestion regarding this would be greatly appreciated.



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I would suggest NIW as EB1 is supposedly for reputed scientists at the top of their profession. Supporting that claim for a recent graduate is little difficult.


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Hello Mr. nightsman,

Thank you for your advice. My Ph.D. work was a defense project and I am still working on it as a post doc. Will this any way help me for the EB1 EA.



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gemdex, Thanks for your PM for advice.

Since you are working on a defense project, NIW looks like a sure shot for you. For EB1, I think you do not have enough publications/can show that you have international reputation/international award...

It maybe tough to prepare an EB1 case but NIW should be easier.


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gemdex, Thanks for your PM for advice.

Since you are working on a defense project, NIW looks like a sure shot for you. For EB1, I think you do not have enough publications/can show that you have international reputation/international award...

It maybe tough to prepare an EB1 case but NIW should be easier.

pswami, Thank you for your suggestion.


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I am planning to file my EB1-EA application. Could you tell me how strong or weak my case is and what I need to do to improve this?

PhD Mech Engg. from the US
5 publications (all first author) 15 citations (US and Europe)
9 conference presentations
Reviewer for an international journal
2 local awards
7 recommendation letters (US, Ind)
4 unsolicited inquiries regarding my research work
currently working in a related area to develop a new product line based on my work.
5 patent disclosures internally being reviewed before application


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Chances in EB1-EA or OR

Hi Everyone,
These are my qualifications and I would really appreciate if someone can give their opinion or their experience handling such cases to see if I stand a chance in the EB1 category or not. Or what is the best possible route NIW etc. to get Green card.

BE - India Ceramics 2000
MS- USA Materials Science 2002
PhD- USA Materials Science 2006
Post-doc Fellow at University for 6 months
Currently working for the past 2yrs as a post doc at Argonne National Labs in a DOE (Department of Energy) project for energy systems. Working for future energy needs kind of project.

Have 10 journal papers (5 - first author, 1 - second author, 4 - 3rd author) Since most of the papers are recent ones(in the past 2yrs) there are no citations for it as of now. But my oldest paper has 30citations

Have written two invited book chapters (1- first, 1- second) in 2008-2009.( no citations yet)

Have 1 patent issued, 1 provisional patent issued, 1 patent submitted, and 1 invention disclosure (total of 2 citations for the issued patent)

Numerous first, second and third authored presentations at professional meetings.

Member of couple of professional societies

Have been invited to be a refree for journal papers

Recommendation letters should not be a problem. can get the necessary ones from professors, dept heads, manager and colleagues

Please let me know if you think that i stand any decent chance in the EB1 category and self sponsoring m GC.
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I think you can try both EB1-1 and NIW
In EB1-1, you can have 3 criteria:
1. Contribution in the field.
2. Having papers (papers and chapters).
3. Reviewer for journals.
Good luck!


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Thanks Letu. Does the forum have any DIY kits for downloading. I know most of the people get it online. I was wondering if anything is posted online for free where it gives you a reasonable idea of how to proceed.



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I wanted to ask this forum to review my credentials and tell me whether I should try EB1 or not.

1. Awards: two travel awards- fairly competitive
2. Publications: >15, few citations, one publication in a journal with CI of 15.5- top 20 biomedical journals
3. Conference presentations: >20, all oral, >10 posters
4. Book chapters: 2
5. One product in market based on my research
6. Journal reviewer: for one journal
7. Membership: 3 organizations, one is very selective and difficult to get admitted to- only 500 members world wide
8. Teaching exp: has been an invited faculty for a course for 3 years, also teaching medical students
9. Specialty in a very narrow subspecialty of plastic surgery with great demand in US- can get letters from faculties vouching for this
10. Job offer in a very reputed california university
11. can get 5 letters from University of California Faculties

Please be critical but be sure to let me know..


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EB1 - EA premium processing


Does any body know if premium processing for I-140 for EB1-EA (self petition) still applicable?
where can I get information from USCIS website?

Thank you


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Geleya_Will you pl.advise me

Hi Geleya,

I would like to know your opinion in my credentials regarding my filing for GC

1. I got PhD from India in Chemistry in 2002
2. After Ph.D I did PDFs in two big univ
3. I came to US in 2007 for PDF and continuing
4. 16 Journals(9 first author) remaining are 2nd and 3rd author
5. 8 Conference papers
9. Reviewed 10 Journals in Elsevier and Springerlink
10. My citation 130
11. Membership in ACS, AICh, Sigma Xi
12.Editor in 4 journals

Will you pl.advise about the strength of my case either can i proceed through EB1-EA or NIWEB2.



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i think u have strong credentials, - original contributions, citations,being editors, reviewers, memberships. hopefully papers are in international journals; memberships by voting or recommendation; not self citations.



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Dear Sulpha,

Thanks for your reply. Pl.advise me which is the better one for me is it EB1 or NIW.

I have all international except 1.

My memberships are recommended.

Looking for your reply.



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See EB1-NIW will not be a problem at all. yo uwill sail through because of citations, original contributions, papers.but the priority date is retrogressed to 2000 in EB2. Read abt the priority dates etc from thtis forum

EB1-EA. will happen if you show the strong points. the strong poits i see are the citations so far and memberships. I believe you have contiributed to the field since you have so many citatiosn
Original contributions (strong reco letters from people who cited your work and whom you worked for etc + journal papers (impact factors of papers is also important to show them)

Citations (hopefully from other people no self citations for the 130 you have mentioned)
You have to get letters from the people who cited your work, then ask them to write how it helped their research not a passing citation, say something liek they have used your process kind..corroborate with papers etc)

Membership. you have to get letters from societies and that they voted you bcos of your extraordinary contributions to the field)

and Being a Editor (supposed to be a high post in the journal heirarchy) and reviewer for the journals. i think i would do EB1-EA. but you have to decide. and present your case in such a manner. Which journals are you an editor for? and from when to when? Are they intl journals??



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I am preparing my own application and with some help from a friend. I wanted to check my eligibility for EB1.
I did my Ph.D (2004) in Molecular Genetics from Sweden. Working at a national laboratory (CA, USA).
I have 8 publications and have more than 360 citations.
My work has been discussed in News and Views of Nature and other journals, in books, things published about my work, Different labs refering my work and formulating their databases, projects etc.
I have presented in many international conferences (More than 15).
I have received 4-5 national and international award.
Membership of Sigma Xi, American Association for cancer Research, Radiation research society.
I have recommendations from 11 people from USA, Europe and India . 5 independent and 6 familiar with me.
I have mentored students and reviewed papers for my supervisors and belong to review board for 1 international journal

How good is my case for EB1 category? What else would I need? I am from California. Can I file at TSC instead of NSC?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks,


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EB1 EA changes - credentials

Please evaluate my chances for EB1 EA, what are my chances? please advice..

PhD (2008) and Ms from top ranked US university Now working as post-doc in a internationally reputed lab of a top university.
15 first author publications (13 as first author and 3 are invited papers) in top journals, plus 5 in review
63 citations (including self)
25 conference presentations (talks &posters) 5 invited
15 reviews for journals (10 different journals) all invited by the journal editors) and some reviews for nsf reports
20 requests for my publications uncolicited from 15 different countries.
listed in whos who in america, sigma xi member plus 5 other scietific organizations , one as founding member..
Can get recommendation letters from top people in my field.

No major awards other than at the university level (e.g i have outstanding student awards, outstanding resercher awards, fellowships etc) and travel awards.
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