EAD or H1


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Hi All,

I have my EAD in hand and I still have 3 years on my H-1. Should I be applying for H-1 extension for another 3 years in which case I might have to spend around $3000 for H-1 extension or now that I have my EAD, should I request my employer that I will work on EAD, although I will stick to him. Please advise.

I really appreciate your time and suggestions.



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EAD / H1B Related Concerns

Hi All
I and my wife have our EAD since October 2007. I have my H1B valid till 2010. I do not have multiple entry entry stamping. I have my AP. Do I still need to get my multiple entry stamping for H1B. Is it better to be on H1B or EAD. I still have not received my I140.

I am planning for my India trip and need advice on the same.



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Hi guys,
This is what I would do (Actually what I did).
I was in a similar situation. I went with AP and EAD and then retrogession hit, I was on EAD/AP for 3 yrs and frankly spent more money on getting the AP and EAD renewed than having been on an H-1.
Also remember an AP is just a piece of paper and thus travelling is a big hassels especially when travelling via European Countries, yo pretty much always need a transit visa.
Also if you want to visit any other country you will not get a visa longer than the duration of your AP.
My advice would be to stay on the H-1. You dont have to use the AP and EAD on your way to a Green Card.