EAD Expired 3 months ago, (renewal in progress) worried for my green card application. Help me


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As bad as it sounds, my EAD card expired 3 months ago. Because of a terrible sad and unfortunate succession of facts, I missed the expiration date (as well as my employer), and forgot to renew it on time.
However, after an intern audit my company HR realized they were not able to found my EAC information. They also clearly had not enter my EAC data in e-verify (They are e-verify members).
As I took my card to re-send a copy I realized it was expired and warn them about my situation.
As an immediate consequence, they terminated my contract and I just lost my job on friday (February 27th).
To protect the company interest they inform me I will be ineligible for rehire with any of their entities in the US for a period of 1 year from date of termination.
Worst, apparently, they made a report about me to the USCIS.
I have a valid spouse's E2 visa. My husband and I are in a green card process. I am now very worried with the consequences.

I would like to know what are the risks regarding :
- my EAC renewal
- our undergoing green card request
- my status and my rights to stay and live on the US soil
- if my husband is in danger because of my situation

I also would like to know if my company has the right to penalize me with this one year "rehiring" ban.

Thats a lot... Thank you very much for your help!