EAD Approved from Texas Center


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My EAD for me and wife was approved May 3 from the Texas center. The AVM said our card has been ordered and that it would take between 60-90 days to get the card. Anyone here has a similar situation and received the card earlier?

Md Alam

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The message was same for ours, then

after about one week, I checked the AVM again, this time it said: "...an approval notice was sent...", altogether it took about two weeks to get our cards!


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I485 & EAD question.

Me and my wife applied for AOS I485 back in Sep 2001, we laready have done our finger printing in late Feb 2002. IN April 2002 we applied our EAD at Vermont Service Center. My wife recently received EAD receipt however, I am still waiting to get my receipt. I am worried if it will adversely effect my adjustment process. Will INS officer assume that I am out of work and looking for job before approve my case. Truth is I am still working with the same employer since 1998 and planning to continue working even after getting green card. Only purpose of EAD was to be safe and my wife can look for job. Any advise.