EAD and RFE question ?


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My EAD expires on 01/29/02. But i have not used EAD till now. Recently i got RFE from NSC and replied on Jan 17.
I understand that RFE may be approved within 3 to 4 weeks. In that case, do i need to renew EAD ?
Once I 485 is approved and passport is stamped, can my spouse go to a job without an EAD ( I am asking this because the plastic card takes few months )?
Ur answers would be greatly appreciated.

El Liu

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EAD renewal?

Why didn\'t you renew your EAD if you are planning to use it? I think you should renew your EAD ASAP (hopefully your local INS will take "walk-in" case.) INS is unpredictable so you might want to think (in a negative way) that it will take more than 1 month to process your case.

Once your spouse has the GC stamp on your passport, I don\'t think she needs the EAD card. I believe the immigration officer might want to get the EAD card back.


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EAD expiry

There was no immediate need for EAD. So i did not renew. Since i have replied for RFE from INs and expect approval pretty soon, i am hesitant to apply for EAD. DOes EAD expiry mean that i cannot apply EAD after it\'s expiry ?