e-filed EAD renewal receipt starting MSCxxxx


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Any body got e-filed EAD receipt number starting with MSC.....?

Further they asked to mail the supporting documentation to "National Benefit Center, Lee's Summit, MO 64064". Did any body got this address to mail the supporting documents?

I answered for the question of "basis of pending i485", as Family Based, thinking that is the correct option for derivative (my wife), eventhough my 485 is Employement based. Do you think this wrong answer messed up the application?

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In my opinion:

MSC is the Missouri Service Center. Not sure why your renewal got routed there, but it could be possibly due to where you are located, or because you chose "Family Based" in the category, or, it could mean that due to the load USCIS decided to process some of these at MSC.

Your Eligibility criteria should have been " (c)(9) Filed I-485" as the EAD renewal is based on a pending 485 thats employment based. Whether its for your or your derivative, the 485 is clearly not family based, its employment based.

I suggest you to get together your supporting docs asap and include this error and clarification in your cover-letter.



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We just called USCIS, first level support says it may take upto 30 days to show up on online status. No idea, how it works, they don't have access to see the e-filed application too.