Dv lottery 2019

Good evening madam Susie, i went to DHL to pick up my passport after signing every paper and the DHL agent handing over the documents to me i realised that one of the seal envelopes is open which is mine and my husband one is seal, so the DHL agent said she has to returns the passel to the embassy to seal it themselve, so when they finish they as to come for it.
Let's wait #Songkuo . Wish you luckily.


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My name is abdifatah. I am one of the selected dv lottery fiscal year 2018-2019 and my passport ban USA I can not travelling US. But I have another nationally which is not bank US. Can I take two passport the embassy
If you are from a country affected by the travel ban BUT you have dual nationality, you can process the DV case and be approved (if "travelling" under the non banned country passport).
Hi madam Susie, can it be possible for me to change my mailing address on an arrival at the airport with the custom officer from where i will stay to receive my green card and social security number; the point is that the person we agree to stay with has disappoint me, he can no longer accommodate me and my family because his wife is not in support to welcome us to their apartment; Now someone has given me his address to use, and said when we hand over our seal envelopes to the custom officer at the airport there, we should tell him that, we are changing our mailing address on the dv 260 form to the new address we have now. On the dv 260 form the mailing address and where we will be staying is New York, but the new address will be Florida. Q1. Now i dont no weather we should book our airticket to florida or to New York first, because on the dv260 form New York is our destination. Q2. Can you pls advice me if will or will not coures a thread to us.
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Madam Susie you are so wonderful and so motivated, God bless you for your time and patient. It's my prayers to you that God Almighty grant you the spirit of wisdom and understanding to perfect all areas of your work and may you live long in prosperity and to see your grand grand children.
Thank you and God bless you once again.
Yes it was sent back to the embassy by the DHL agent, so that they can confirm what is inn is correct and seal it by themselves before i can take it.
Madam Susie hope you are doing good, the good news is that we have finally receive our visa, and we are planning to live Ghana by the end of march because our visa expire 10th April. Thank you very much for your wonderful encouragement God bless you.
Secondly the instructions note given to us says that; you may pay your social security number and green card here before departing to USA, with regards to changing of my address from New York city to another place, Susie can i pay the social security number with the newly address here Ghana; or it will be questionable.


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Congratulations on getting the visa. And yes, try leave at least a week before visa expiry...just in case of plane delay of something unexpected, better safe than sorry.

I’m not sure about paying for the social security number?? Just the green card fee? You have the website for doing that?
I don’t think they ask for a mailing address when you pay the green card fee but if they do update it, even if you can do that still be sure to give the new mailing address on entry. When we landed, the officer asked us if we wanted to change the address, but be sure to mention it if yours doesn’t ask.

You can also pay the green card fee after you land if that would be easier for you. Just remember to pay it soon after you land if you don’t do it before you leave, because they won’t mail the plastic green cards if they haven’t received the payment.

Best of luck for your move!