DV 2020?


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Hello guys, Im a little bit disappointed I have been playing since 2007 and finally I won and my CN is eu43***. basically my chances are very low according to the statistic so far, however wish you all good luck ;)
Well wait until we have more info. It could be that they have finally implemented tougher rules (such as photo or additional background intelligence) and that has caused MUCH lower density (more holes). Or they might just have selected a LOAD of people.
Hey, guys!
I'm new here. Been browsing this forum for a while, and I decided to finally become an active part of it.
I played the lottery for the first time a couple of years ago, didn't win and didn't try again until last year (DV-2020).
Me and my fiancee did not get selected this year. The site is down now, but yesterday I was passively refreshing the page while doing other stuff, and managed to connect for a couple of minutes. Then everything went down again.
Good luck to everyone, I'm curious to see what these really high numbers we're seeing mean.

On a side note, I'm not that disappointed not having been selected. As I mentioned, I'm playing with my fiancee, we're getting married in a few months, so from this October I can list her as my wife and have a smoother process.

I really want to thank Susie, Mom and Britsimon for the support you're giving to everybody even when they ask questions that should have an obvious answer.



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Hope you get some better news compared to me.
Good luck next time!

Commiserations to those who weren't selected and congratulations to those who were.

I didn't rush to check, and with the site currently down again, so still don't know the result.
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looks like I keep missing the window to check. Couldn't help myself, when I saw that we had more people on the forum knowing their fate I had to go look. No good I still have the "This site can not be reached" error.
Prolonging my agony of not knowing...
@Britsimon @Sm1smom is this a legitimate link. Sorry n.n, I hope I don’t offend you. I need to verify the link before I use it.
I wouldn't advise anyone to use that IP address. It could lead to the lottery check site, it could be a phishing attempt to grab names/entry numbers/birth dates/addresses, whatnot. With what you're submitting being this sensitive, I'd highly highly caution against it. You've waited 6 months; wait 2 more days.


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I get a warning about phishing for that page from nn’s link and my browser won’t let me access it. As someone else posted, ONLY the official website should be used. As is the case for anything to do with DV.