DV 2020 Kenya

Thank you all again and again ..I was rescheduled from 3rd of March to 11th which that early morning I had to wakeup at 10 minutes to 5 for proper preparation..I live at ruaka its just few minutes to the embassy .I reached there and joined others ,we waited until gate was opened at 6:45 where by security began.Passport and apoinment letter at hand,, No back bags,No power bank ,earphones,nailcutters and so on..second security check the same way here any metallic substance couldn't pass through belt and shoe if a metal somewhere..we left our phones and xray cd there ..And proceed to reception now. ..Here Took the number and sit sit to wait for your turn to be called...my number was called and I was oooh my God ,,i was soo nervous and it was cold there ,met an African lady ..
lady :gd morning
me:morning too
lady:can I have your passport,birth certificate ,kcse cert and good conduct...
me: handling everything she requested.
lady :photocopies
me:gave her
lady:Need affidavit of support from your host
me :I gave some few documents from the w2 ,supporting letter
lady: you dont have anything from your host.
me: I said yes they have sent only this ones.
lady :eek:kay, are u married
me ,,No
lady:Do u have a kid
lady..instructed to pay the visa fee..and wait for the next main..
I then gone to pay my fee of sh34650 and my receipt was placed to my file,moved back to reception to wait for the main interview with CO..there were many applicants this day ,,I waited and my number was called again to Co now.
Co:gd morning
co:raise your light hand and swear to say the truth and nothing bu the truth.
me :did it so calmly confidently and eye contact .
Co:are u married
co:do u have kids
co:have u ever lived in another country (he was typing something in his computer)
co:who is your host
co:how are u related
co:approved your visa ,have u registered with dhl
me :yes
Co :handed me a paper with instructions to pay for immigration fee.
me:Thank you have a gd day (smiling..)
co:you too
And that was it a matter of truth nothing else ...
This forum helped me alot alot I was in darkness hopes all the best in everyone journey ....Thanks
Wooow,congrats ,so we actually need an affidavit of support?
All Consular appointments between March 16 and March 27 are cancelled.
We await to be told if the embassy will reopen after March 27th or extend the suspension of services and closure of the embassy
And IOM is closed from 23rd March to 3rd April
The clinic will resume operations on 6th April
Let's pray both the clinic and embassy reopen as scheduled
N a
[QUOTE="FRAN 2020AF30XXX, post: 2519090, member:Is the cost of xrays inclusive as in included in the whole medical package fee?have heard some people saying that xrays are done at Nairobi hospital, so wondering.