Driving License for H4 Visa holders in Illinois


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Hi rahulp1 and mjdala...

did ur spouses get a license yet? or are you still waiting on the letter from Department of Homeland Security? whats the deal... why cant they just simply issue a license...
please let me know.... thanks!

I am in the same situation? Please tell me in how many days does the approval letter come? My license is expiring in 2 weeks. Please help.


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Hey Rahul,
you need to take the SSN Denail Letter, passport showing that you atleast have 6 months left on the passport, utility Bills showing your current address as proof for Illinois Residency(better on H4 person's name). If you don't have any Utility bills on H4 person name take utility bills on your name and keep Marriage certificate handy(though they might not ask)
When you go for Drive test make sure the H4 person has insurance on the car they drive. They are asking for a Insurance card on H4 person's name. but if you don't have time. Ask you insurance guys to fax those cards to you. would also be advisable if they can issue a letter that H4 person is an added driver on the card(though not compulsory just as a proof). Thats what I did and it worked for me. Finally a lil bit of freedom for H4s
Best of Luck

Thanks you for the post.

We went to Driving License Facility. We had passport, I-94 valid for 1+ year, utility bill, car insurance proof. All seemed OK till they started entering info in computer. They said they can not retrieve any info on computer for my spouse so they would have to request Dept of Homeland Security for more info. We as well as DMV will receive a letter from Homeland Security Dept for the next step in 5-10 days.

I am not concerned about the letter from Homeland Security Dept. It must be a glitch on their part which caused the info to not appear. My concern is how long do they take to respond to such queries by Driving License Facility. We were told by DMV that it should take 5-10 days (I wouldn't put too much faith on their words). Sometimes you do everything right and still face situations like this.

If anyone has faced this scenerio, please advise.


Hi all,
We had the same experience in Springfield, IL a few days ago.
We are waiting for the letter from Dept of Homeland Security.



Did you get the letter from Homeland Security within 10 days?
After that, did you get the driver license.