Department of state funding ( government visitor ) J 1 Rule waiver, mission impossible ?

Discussion in 'J-1 Home Residency Requirement' started by mahmoud.ghanem, Oct 9, 2015.

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    I am Ghanem, from Egypt.
    i participated in a government visiting program funded by the department of state ( 6,100 $ ) and the 2 years rule applies to me.

    Now i am studying in the US on F 1 Visa and i am married to a US citizen.

    what are the odds of having the waiver based on NO objection statement from my country, provided that i didn't receive any money from Egypt, i all came from the US department of state ?
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    I'm in a very similar situation. My program was also funded by US State Department and my visa was "Visitar Program". My program was less than 30 days and less than $3,000. I got my PhD with F-1 and I just realized I haven't fulfilled the 2-year requirement (which was not explained correctly to us).

    Did you apply for the waiver? Did you get it? Also the cases I've found are of those who had Fulbright, which is a different program.
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    Sorry, above I meant to say that my visa said "Government Visitor", like original OP.

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