CSC RFE I140 repied , taking forever


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My I140 case is a EB2 in CSC, RD May 12th 2003,
Received a RFE in January 2004, lawyer responded to the RFE on April 26th 2004 with the documents which were requested.
Since then 4 months have passed no response yet.
The Lawyer also sent 2 queries to them.
No response to the first query but the second query they said the case is with the officer and is being reviewed.

The Status still shows that the response to the RFE was received on April 26th 2004, it's taking between 360 and 360 days to process this kind of case....

My question is does it take that long after the RFE response is filed.
In my case it is 4 months now.
I heard it only takes 2-3 weeks as the case is on the desk of the officer.

Please respond.


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My RFE was about
1. Ability to Pay.
2. To Show 3 months recent of Pay Stubs.
3. Why a person like me with experience and B.Tech in Computers will me suitable to do the Job required by the company.

My lawyer responded with details.

Thanx for your reply.


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Hi Simple2004,
how big is your company ?
did you send the paystubs, company financials, w2s etc along with I140 so as to prove ability to pay ?



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My company has 200000 people
I showed everything.
The commany had enough money to pay.

They are not satisfied with the 5 years progressive experience shown before i joind this company.


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There is no certain response time for INS to process RFE. I have seen many case only took a few days and some case took very long. In my case, 1st RFE was replied in Feb. 2003, I waited till Aug. 2003 to get 2nd RFE. Then it only took 3 days after replied 2nd RFE, the case was approved. There is no logic with these guys.


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It looks like that your previous experience did not match the present job description and this is not related to the RFE (Company ability to pay). This was totally a different issue.


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you received the "intent to deny" after you responded the REF?
Or the REF you received in April is an "intention to deny" notice?

Can you post some more details about why your experience does not match labor? We may then have better suggestions for you. Thanks a lot!


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Thank you for your responses.

Mine was not a substitute labor.

I received a RFE in end of January and my Lawyer replied on April 26th.
This Intent to Deny Notice was just received on Monday ( 30th August ).

Please if anyone has a resume showing progressive experince, could you pass to me so that i can take a look , how mine couldn't show progressive experience fro 5 years. I will really appericiate this.


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The progressive experience as per my knowledge is getting increments and level raise within the same company. e.g. You start working for a company A as software engg. After 2 yrs, they make you Senior Soft Engg. which includes an increase in salary. Then after 1 yr. they make you system analyst with another increase in salary. This is what the progressive experience means.

Also the experience letter from your previous employer should mention the word "progressive" in it.

Hope this helps.