CR1 Administrative processing

Hi everyone,
I started a petition for spouse (I-130) in July 2017 and everything went very well. I submitted all fees and required documents. My spouse was interviewed at Myanmar Embassy in the beginning of July, 2018. at the interview, all questions were answered and required original documents were provided, but at the end of interview, my spouse was asked repeatedly if the birth certificate was bought somewhere because of looking so new. it was replaced about two years ago when the first one was torn up. my spouse explained like that. But the officer didn't want to believe that. They gave my spouse the white form 221(g) letter and asked that they will give a call back later. on the paper, 220g and AP processing are checked. it's been more than 3 weeks. we can't do anything other than just to wait. my spouse home town is too far from embassy location.
The question are
how long do we need to wait?
Where can we get help from?
and do you think it is possible that the lack of birth certificate can make Visa ineligible?

any answer would be very appreciated.



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Admin Processing is open ended.
What that means is.. you cannot do anything about it, it cannot be expedited, and it takes as long as it takes. The embassy needs time to process everything from the interview day. They will reach out to the applicant once a decision has been made.