CP for GC of Parent of US citizen


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I received the following letter. The priority date is June 02 2017. However, in the Visa bulletin, there is no category called IR5. Also, I am afraid my Priority date is passed (don't know for sure). What should I do and how should I find out the Visa category for IR5 ?

When will the interview be scheduled for my parent ? Also what are the current priority dates for which NVC is scheduling interviews for CP? Please advise.

The National Visa Center (NVC) received all the requested documentation for this immigrant visa case. The applicant is now in the queue awaiting an interview appointment overseas, where a consular officer will adjudicate the applicant’s visa application.

NVC schedules appointments one month in advance. The U.S. Embassy tells us what dates they are holding interviews, and NVC fills these appointments as they become documentarily qualified. Most appointments are set within three months of NVC’s receipt of all requested documentation. However, before applicants in a numerically limited (preference) visa category can receive an appointment, their priority date must also be current. This can delay receipt of an appointment. You can track your priority date using the Visa Bulletin on travel.state.gov.

When an appointment is available, we will notify the applicant, petitioner and attorney (if applicable). The applicant can prepare now by reading about the embassy’s interview requirements online at nvc.state.gov/interview. Thank you for your patience.

The embassy may require additional documents at the interview. For example, if the following three items are all true, the applicant must bring a new police certificate to the visa interview:

  • He or she is more than 16 years old;

  • The police certificate submitted to NVC was obtained more than one year ago; and

  • He or she still lives in the country that issued the certificate.

    The applicant should not make any travel arrangements, sell property, or give up employment until the embassy has issued a visa.


    National Visa Center

    Preference Category: IR5

    Priority Date: 02-JUN-17


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There is no “priority date” being current for immediate relatives, priority dates are current for numerically limited visas. IR categories are not numerically limited. That’s why IR5 or any IR is not listed in the visa bulletin. You got a generic letter not a specific one. So just wait, they’ve told you you’re in the appointment queue, you’ll get notified when it’s scheduled.


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Thank you SusieQQQ. Very happy to know this. .. do you know when I can expect to get an interview scheduled. I got this letter on July 11th.


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Thank you SusieQQQ. Very happy to know this. .. do you know when I can expect to get an interview scheduled. I got this letter on July 11th.
As the letter says, depends how busy the consulate is but usually within 3 months of the letter being sent. Make sure your parent has all docs ready in preparation.


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Sure.. I spent 2 hours trying to figure out through google. But got the answer almost instantaneously on this forum. Thank you very much for a quick response.


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Hello Everyone, I received my mothers' interview date as August 10th. However, that is too close for me to give vacation notice to my employer. Also, I am currently not doing well. So, I don't have enough time to prepare the paperwork. Her interview is in Bombay. How can I reschedule the interview ? Instructions on the letter are as follows. But the instructions don't match the the site content.
What to Do if You Cannot Keep the Interview
Some Embassies/Consulates reschedule interview appointments themselves; others utilize an outside service
provider to reschedule appointments. To determine the proper procedure for rescheduling your interview
appointment, please go to the Department of State's web site at: nvc.state.gov/interview. Under "Step 2," select
your interview location from the dropdown, click "Download PDF," and follow your Embassy/Consulate's

I found this PDF : https://travel.state.gov/content/dam/visas/iv-dv-supplemental/BMB-Mumbai.pdf

In that PDF it says :  Cancel and Reschedule: support-india@ ustraveldocs.com

Should I send an email to them ?
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