Consular Processing - do it on our own


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My friend needs your help in filing Green card thru Consular Processing, thanks in advance.

Chronology of events:
1. Came to USA on H1b in 2006, and Perm/i140 were approved in 2008.
2. In 2009 during recession the H1b renewal was denied (reason: Not on a Project), then moved to India.
3. In 2018 employer filed 824 (for amending i140 for CP??), and it is approved.
4. Will apply to Consulate in India for consular processing.
5. The Priority date is current.
6. Employer will provide the necessary documentation, if any.

He can't afford the attorney fee for filing the final application(s) for entire family, so want to apply on his own.

1. Which forms have to be filled for final application? -- need names of the forms.
2. Does the denial of H1b renewal cause any problem in the final process?


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You should be filling up DS-260 for principal I-140 immigrant, spouse & kids. Denial of H1B should not be an issue but keep in mind employer needs to show ability to pay proffered wages from the time of labor certification filing until your immigrant visa is approved.