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    Hi Guys,

    MY Situation:

    I am 23 years old.
    I have completed 2 years Bachelors Degree (B.Com = Bachelors of Commerce) from a Uni in Pakistan with a poor overall % of 53.
    I have completed Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing Management (Level 7 awarded by ABP) from a College in UK.
    I have done IELTS as well with an overall band score of 6.
    I have no work / Business Experience.
    I am Going to start prepairing GMAT.
    I am not good in Theoretical subjects (where creative writing is involved), but i am good with practical subjects like Accounting , Maths etc.
    I want to pursue my education in USA because my bro lives in Kennesaw, Georgia so accomodation will not be a problem for me.
    I am thinking to apply for Georgia State Uni or Kennesaw State Uni for MAcc / MPA program.

    This is where i need ur advice:

    With my 2 years Bachelors Degree + Postgraduate Diploma, can i get enrolled in GSU or KSU?
    (Or if i score good in GMAT, then what are my chances)

    I am going for Masters in Accountancy MAcc / MPA, wld that be a right choice for my future? i wanted to do MBA concentration in Accounting but i think i can
    t get in for that program without any work experience. Am i right?

    Can u please suggest me other good uni's in USA where:

    Masters programs (in Accounting) are AACSB accredited.
    Very affordable for International students (Tuition + Accomodation Prices).
    Application process is not hard.
    Career / Internship oppurtunites after completion of Program.

    Please guys help me what should i do, am i going for the right course, can i get enrolled in US uni?
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    The ages for compulsory education vary by state. It begins from ages five to eight and ends from ages fourteen to eighteen

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