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Dear Rajiv

My Green Card process started in October’2007 by filing labor through PERM process. Atlanta processing center issued audit in Dec’07 and the response to audit was furnished in Jan’08. Till date I have not received the approval. My attorney has given me following information
1. The audit response does not have time binding.
2. As per latest DOL update it would take 15 months for approval.
3. While in audit the labor application cannot be withdrawn.
4. If a labor is filed for an employee, second one cannot be filed for same person for same post.
Is all the information received is correct?

Thanks in advance....
I140-denied; no Underlying visa - how many days to leave the country


AOS peding status. If my 140 is going to be denied(since I could not provide the experience letter they requested in RFE), how many days will I have to leave the country. I dont have any underlying visa status. Will a appeal bring me back to AOS pending status.

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