Company name change due to acquisition. Impact to approved H1B petition.


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Hello ,

My h1 got picked in last attempt and my STEM OPT is expiring on June 10,2024.

However my company (let’s say ABC)has been acquired by an another company and both of these entities are forming a new company with a new name (say XYZ).

My company ABC is going to file the H1B petition soon, today my manager asked me if there could be a problem if the name is renamed to XYZ before my H1 period starts that is before October 1.

In such scenarios if my H1B petition is approved on name ABC, is it possible for my current company lawyers to amend it with proper documentation and have my H1 from October 1 with XYZ name? (I’m assuming this is not a transfer as the company acquisition and renaming documents will be submitted by our legal teams)