citizenship interview letter lost and rescheduling!

My mom filled up N400 for her citizenship interveiw in Aug 2014. She got her fingerprint done at Omaha,Nebraska USCIS office in first week of Oct 2014. According to them, it would take 4 to 6 weeks to receive an interview call letter. So the letter should have arrived by middle of November. But, then we made a phone call at toll free number and they mentioned the letter was already sent out with an interview date on it. Unfortunately, we never received the letter. It must be a post office glitch with the delivery of this important document. Then, the USCIS rep said they will reschedule the interview and resend letter soon. We called another time and got the same answer of rescheduling interview under process. But we have not received a letter yet. It seems to be taking much longer and we are hoping we receive the letter this time without a post office glitch.

1) Some advised us about creating an infopass request. Would it help?
2) Should we simply visit the Omaha USCIS office by taking an appointment online?
3) Do you think, they might have postponed the interview indefinitely thinking she was not responsible to attend the interview?

Is it something we can do to expedite the rescheduling interview other than just waiting for this letter to arrive?
Will greatly appreciate some answers. Thanks.


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You don't even need an infopass per se. Just show up and tell them the situation. There's no reason why they shouldn't be able to print out a letter that's already been sent out!
Miss Chang,
Just to clarify- When we called them up for the first time, the rep told us that the interview date was already passed. So she will reschedule the interview.
Do you think we can simply visit the local office by taking an appointment, and try to find out when the interview date is?


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Yup. You can do that. They should be able to tell you. I'd actually call USCIS and talk to Tier 2 officer first. S/he has access to everything in the system.