Citizenship Early Filing calculation for Asylum seeker LPR

Shyam Kumar

New Member
Hi There,
First of all, thank you very much for providing continuous support through the forums. I have some concerns regarding early citizenship filing. As I am aware that LPR who have applied through the asylum seeker is eligible to file the citizenship application after 4 years of receiving GC as well as 90 days prior to completion of 4 years+ 1 year which is the eligibility through Asylum seeking. I am so confused about the early filing and need help before I make any mistakes. Just to let you know that after receiving GC never been out of the country.

GC applied: 02/10/2017
GC Approved: 05/17/2017
Residence Since: 05/17/2016 (As per printed in GC)

When I calculated from the Early application filing calculator using residence since it provides me 02/17/2021.
That is why I am confused here and hoping someone in this forum provides me correct information before I file the application.

Thank you
Shyam Kumar