Child birth in India


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Has any US citizen OCI/PIO have considered giving birth to their child in India? In future if India allows dual citizenship (OCI is not dual citizenship), it might be easier for the child to get Indian citizenship. Also, is there any advantage of having Indian birth certificate if we decide to live in India?
If India ever allows dual citizenship, OCIs (let's assume born in the US) will be able to gain citizenship if they've been registered as OCI for 5 years and live in India for 1 year. Being born in India wouldn't be a requisite. At that point the individual would have both citizenships.

Furthermore, unlike the US, India does NOT confer citizenship by birth or true jus soli. In order for a person to acquire citizenship because of birth in India, atleast one parent must be an Indian citizen and the other parent must at the very least be legal AT THE TIME OF BIRTH. So, assuming that both of the child's parents are not Indian citizens, citizenship can not be acquired through birth.

There is no advantage because of an Indian birth certificate. The majority of the population probably doesn't even have a birth certificate.