Can I file Form I-485 while my Form I-130 is pending? What is the process of filing if I'm outside USA?

My priority date for Form I-130 is April 27, 2017. Can I file Form 1-485 while my I-130 is pending if the visa bulletin for February 2019 lists December 1, 17 under the "Dates for filing family-sponsored applications"? I currently have a valid tourist visa. How do I file Form I-485 if I am outside USA?


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Looks like spouse or child of green card holder. For the month of February 2019 USCIS & DOS wants to follow date of filing which is current for you. A person can file I-485 if in US or be called for immigrant visa interview in home country US consulate. I am sure by now you should have got call from US consulate for interview, if not go ahead give them a call & find out.