Can I file a second LC in another state while file for I140 even I485 using the first LC, because of


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My LC is received at Chicago DOL on March 12, 2002. Unfortunately, Company H that bought my current company G announced on April 24, 2002 that they will shut down G. They made me an offer to work at Company H at Denver, CO. If I go to Denver, I will move around July 23th. (Right now I am still at WI for the 90-days transition period.) Maybe my LC will be approved before I move. Can I go on to file I140 using this LC while obtaining the second LC at Denver? Or do I have to start all over again, that is; get a LC at Denver first, then file I140?

I am having some job opportunities in Massachusetts. If I have to start all over again with my GC, I’d rather go to East Coast. If I can continue my current GC process, I may go to Denver just for the sake of GC.

Any opinions and comments are greatly appreciated!!