CA driver license delayed due to legal presence check pending

This thread has been very helpful for the 3 times in 4 years that I had to go through this process, so I wanted to post something that seems to have helped me - emailing, explaining the situation (how long you've been waiting etc) and giving them your name and DL number. They forwarded the email on to the relevant people and I got a response from those people very promptly. The documents didn't even need to be resubmitted which was interesting because the phone query seems to consistently require faxing the same documents again, then calling back to check they've received them.

Maybe I've been trying at the wrong time of day but the phone system has hung up on me due to call volume the last 50 times I've tried it.
Excellent post HyperPiggle. I had the email from another post in this thread and would have repeated it in my post above, but your post is backed up by experience, which is what people really need to hear.

I think calling, snail mailing or emailing will work with the Legal Presence Unit so everyone has three different ways to contact these people. This thread is by far the best information on this problem anywhere on the net which I have found.
Hi! Thank you. I have been very busy so I didn't post my update. I was finally able to get my phone call answered by a representative, I did try several times during the day to succeed. The representative was very kind and mentioned they had some doubts with my documents and some dates so requested me to fax everything, the doubts they had were resolved and a week later I received my license . Thank you for answering, definitely if you are in my situation keep on calling, don't give up, once you are able to talk to a representative not the computer, things go easier. Good luck!
I received the same reply as dahoo1 on emailing However, they seem to have gotten better at picking up phone calls. Calling them and requesting a call back is what worked for me. Another thing to note is your experience can really depend on who speaks to you. The first person I spoke to advised me to wait until my temporary license expired before calling back, and quite rudely at that. For some reason, I called them again and this time the person who spoke to me was very helpful, she verified the documents then and there, and told me my license is on it's way.. So it might be worth calling them more than once. Never seen an organization quite like DMV - it's not just third world - it's the treatment third world govts gives to its poorest citizens.


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Never seen an organization quite like DMV - it's not just third world - it's the treatment third world govts gives to its poorest citizens.
Lol. It’s about 100 times better than the experiences I used to have at its equivalent in my home country, which was definitely not the poorest third world country out there.