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After I filed I-485, I got notice for Biometrics and we(Family) gave them.

I got an RFE and answered and later called for an Interview in Last year Feb.
Attended at local USCIS.

Now Me and My Wife got Biometrics Notices again, but my son didn't get it this time.
I don't know why, when I called USCIS, they said "ask at local USCIS when we go for
biometrics, they may consider him, if not they will send the notice later."

Is every one gets 2nd time Notices for Biometrics? why do they need them again?
we already gave them once after we filed I-485.

If any one knows what to do at this point please let me know.

And my wife's Passport got expired, to be renewed, doesn't have any other ID or EAD.
Please let me know what should I do?



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Regarding your question on fingerprinting, it is not unusual for an applicant to receive a second fingerprinting appointment. Generally, the USCIS sends the fingerprints to the FBI for verification and the FBI checks it in their database and approves it after verifying. But if the fingerprints are not clear, the FBI will reject it and send it back to the USCIS. In such occassions, the applicant has to take a second fingerprinting test. That is what must have happened in your case.

If the second set of fingerprints is also rejected by the FBI, then the applicant needs to get a police clearance from the local police.Hope this answer helps you and hope that your son has gone for his biometrics.
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