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Big H1 Extension RFE

Discussion in 'California Service Center - H-Visa Issues' started by dsugandhi, Jun 9, 2006.

  1. zCool

    zCool Registered Users (C)

    H1B RFE, Can I withdraw and go on EAD

    I have similar case,
    Got a BIG RFE for 7th yr extension from CSC PP.
    I have applied for 485 (I140 approved), and have EAD/AP from same employer last yr.
    I got this RFE and employer may not give the documents,
    My question is can we withdraw H1 and then work on EAD?
    Will that adversely affect my case for AOS?

    I can even change employer if needed, but I need to know if it's okay to cancel or withdraw this application of H1B since employer may not giving all the docs.
  2. RikabJ

    RikabJ Registered Users (C)

    If your EAD was approved prior to your H expiry - then you can withdraw the H extension and continue working on EAD.
  3. zCool

    zCool Registered Users (C)

    yes it was approved, Question is whether it will cause USCIS to reopen my approved I140?
    Or cause me issues with 485. since same employer sponsored that thro' sub LC. I am working for him since 10 months and have all the paystubs.. it;s not bad employer.. they just don't have many H1 folks and he can't understand why USCIS needs that type of private info and isn't willing to give that just for 1 guy
  4. watzgc

    watzgc New Member

    Hi dsugandhi,

    plz see ur PM.

  5. zCool

    zCool Registered Users (C)


    Status got updated today 4/1 to approved notice sent
    It was full 10 days after we replied RFE
  6. medavid

    medavid Registered Users (C)

    I came across this thread becuase my wife's cap-excempt H1B got a RFE ( I don't know the details, but the lawyer is supposed to be working on that). Once the lawyer submits all the requested information, does anyone have any idea how long do we have to wait for it to go to the next step (hopefully approved!). It was a premium processing application and it has already been over a month :mad:

  7. alphabeta9

    alphabeta9 New Member


    I have got an RFE on my H1B extension they have asked for work schedule, could you please let me know what I should provide.
    As of now , my company has created a document(which I have facilitated) where they have listed out all the meetings I have attended, code reviews and deployments I have done in 15 days duration each for last one year. Please let me know if that will work ?
    Also, USCIS have asked for "documentary examples of work product created" as all the work created by are proprietary of the client so my company cannot provide this document. Could you please let me know what I should do for this particular query ?


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