B visa re-entry

Cal girl

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My daughter (a US citizen, 18 years) She is a high school senior currently in California. She returned to the US in August 2021 after 3 years and was in India with me. As she is a minor, I accompanied her. I hold a B1/B2. In order to comply with the visa requirement, I need to exit the US before the 4th of February, but I have to return to the US to be with my daughter till she joins college in August 2022.
The main question is, should I exit for 2 weeks with my daughter in December and return to the US or should I exit for 30-45 days and then return to the US again. I had requested for an extension on B1/B2 in 2018 as my daughter was finishing middle school when I switched from H4 to B1/B2. The request was approved.