Awaiting for Labor Certification after Final documentation is sent


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My EB2 TR labor certification has a priority date of May 2003.

My lawyers received recruitment instructions, every thing is done and final documentation is sent back to Backlog Elimination Center about a month ago.

A co-worker of mine having the close priority date but EB3 category got his labor certification approved a week ago. His final documentation was sent on the same day as mine, after that it took only 3 weeks for him to get certification.

I am not too worried, but just curious when I can expect mine. Are they processing EB3 prior to EB2?


This whole priority date thing is a load of crap! I have a PD of June 2003 and my final documentation (recruitment report) was filed with PBEC the first week of April!

They are definitely not processing in order.

Hope to see/hear the magic words soon! Hang in there we too will have a smile on our faces soon.
TR - EB2 still waiting !!.

My Priority Date is : 02/24/2004.
Processing Type is : TR
Category : EB2.
Sent final documentation ( 0 Resumes ) to DBEC on 06/04/2007.
Still waiting for Labor Approval.
People who sent the final documentation got Labor certified in a week.
My case is EB2 and it is confusing and frustrating to see EB3 approvals in a week after the final request submission.
In the same boat

Skganji, I am in the same situation. My final report was sent MAY 22nd and still no approval. Did you try contacting the BEC?

I am also waiting since last month

My final RR was sent on June 5th and i am also still waiting.

I am sure they will not approve our cases before July 31st to get higher fees for i 140 and 485
I am waiting for approval since 5/18/07.
Priority Dt - Feb 2004
RR sent - 05/18/2007 (0 response)