Asylum Interview

Does anyone has to give me any timeframe , i applied for asylum in Miami in 2017
I still didn’t receive the interview notice , my case has been pending for 750 days with USCIS , would anyone be able to provide me with any approximate timeframe of 2017 applicants. How many more years does it take ?
I talked to an USCIS officer on the phone this morning , i asked the timeframe for 2017 applicants from miami , she said probably we have to wait until end of 2021 or beginning of 2022.


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My friend is waiting for her interview over 860 days she applied in 2017 and her friend applied in 2017 too and got her interview last year and she got approved so I don't think so you have to wait till 2022 it depends I think on the officers or so every office you call they may give you a different words