Asylum granted in '96... will I have GC issues?


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Need a little help... My case has a slight complication because of the time asylum was granted and what has happened since then. My country, Yugoslavia, no longer exists. Instead, now Kosovo does. I was a political refugee from Yugoslavia, and am of Ethnic Albanian descent. Never actually applied for GC, several reasons to cite but none of them really of any great importance. Regardless, I am now in the position when I definitively need to apply. It has been a long time, I've finished college, worked and continue to work, bought a house. Been out of the country with RTD a few times, no issues coming back, except for last time when they stamped the I94 with "Must obtain prior permission to return before leaving US again" or something along these lines.

Would I have any issues with applying for GC? I suspect the length of time passed would come up in the interview, if there is one to be had...