Are L1 visa suspended for spouse of US citizen under Trump's new proclamation?

I am a US citizen married to a European citizen. We have been married for more than 7 years and have two children who are also US citizens.
We are currently in Europe and we want to go back to the US.

My husband's employer is an american company and they plan on transferring him to the US under an L1 visa towards the end of the summer. Is his employer going to have problems getting the L1 visa issued due to Trump's new proclamation or once his employer knows he is the spouse of a US citizen they will be able to apply the exemption?

Is my husband eligible for L1 visa (through his employer) considering the recent proclamations from Trump in April and June?
While the L1 visa are suspended according to Sec. 2 (Proclamation June 22), it seems that any alien who is the spouse of a US citizen is exempt in Sec 3. b) iii.
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In theory, he is exempted from the proclamation as the spouse of a US citizen. In practice, the consulates are all over the place with policy regarding issuing new visas, so it's hard to say.