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Discussion in '485 issues in Nebraska Service Center' started by G8nOldW8n4GC, May 6, 2010.

  1. G8nOldW8n4GC

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    Finally our GC journey has come to an end. Mine was approved Nov 2008.
    But my wife's stayed pending until visa retrogressed again.
    Finally her PD became current in May and today she received the
    approval email.

    Below are her details:

    I485 - approved 05/06/2010
    Category - EB3 ROW(Employment Based thru husband)
    PD - 02/18/2003
    RD - 05/04/2004
    Interview - 11/14/2007
    Did not have any LUD changes before approval.
  2. marieantoinette

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    My priority date is going be current on June 2010 I had interview on March 2009. I do not see update on USCIS web. Did you see something after your wife's interview or when they sent back the file to Texas. Thanks to let me know
  3. marieantoinette

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    Somebody can answers me?
  4. imcoolanytime

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    Congratulations! Can you please tell us which country are you from?


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