Approved, at last!


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My GC journey ends today as I got the USCIS snail mail today with the welcoming letter.

I was afraid I'll have to wait until summer when I want to go in vacation because the PD will be unavailable starting April. I wish immigration processing will never have to go through what we did in the past few years. Hope all of you will get greened soon.

I'll have to pahhhtyy!! and then to follow with some "After green card" threads....


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Good luck to you tennis_court!!!

I just got a LUD with status change (case transferred to NSC). I dont know what is going on - transferring the cases from NSC --> to TSC and then back to NSC. Lets pray some great news is on the way.

Good luck to all !!!


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Got the card in the mail today!!!

Good luck to you all...

Congratulations to you.
But hey the journey is not quite over yet especially if you got a 2 year condition........ just hang in here with us for the next 2 years and then it will be all over...
WELCOME TO AMERICA., and don't forget to cash your check that they are gonna sent you in the mail.... you know... the one for all the pain and suffering USCIS has caused you........LOL...