Applying for the Diversity Visa while being an F-1 International Student


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Good afternoon,

So a few years ago I applied for the DV and got selected then moved on to the next step where I had to fill out the DS-260 form.
It all happened while I was, and currently am, an F-1 visa holder (International student) but I was not assigned a visa number and the fiscal year ended and I never had an interview. The DS-260 was the only thing I filled.
My question is, my F-1 visa is about to expire and I am planning to visit my family overseas, by the time my vacation is over I would need to renew my visa because it would be expired. Now that I have filled the DS-260 earlier (and nothing else), would that affect my F-1 visa renewal because it is considered as an "immigration intent" or would it not?

Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day.