Applying for an H4 visa after 2 F1 visa rejections


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Thank you for starting the forum, I have recently come across it, and it's really helpful :)

** Humble request, kindly include this question in the next session(28th April 2022) as my wife's interview is on May 4th. **

Here is my case, I am working in the US after finishing my MS. My H-1B started this month through a "change of status" petition. I got married recently and my wife currently is staying in India. Here are the events listed chronologically.

Nov. last week 2021 - marriage
Dec 1st week 2021 - Wife's first attempt for F1 visa (rejected under 214b) - only 2 questions asked, 1. which university?, 2. why US?
- We had included my details in the DS-160 in all fields applicable like the point of contact, sposer
- My current location and her college's location are the same.
Jan last week 2022 - wife's second attempt for F1 visa(rejected under 214b) - interviewer asked further questions like why was the visa rejected before, what are
your plans to return, why do you want to come back etc. but in the end stayed with the same decision.
- sponsor was updated from myself to loan + family

April 2022 - My H-1B started, after using most of the OPT and STEM OPT.

Now my wife is scheduled for an H4 interview on May 4th. We are not sure how to answer the questions like

- Will you join the MS program after coming here?
- If you are going to be a housewife, then why change of plans now? after 2 F1 visa attempts?
- What are your plans after coming to the US?

If she says "Yes, I will start the MS program" it will look like she desperately wants to come to the US for study and job, if she answers "No" for both education and job then they might ask why no, so we are confused over this scenario.

Kindly help