AOS Interview letters sent after October 1st?


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How many of y'all recieved Interview Letters since the dates retrogressed?
My file was transferred to Boston DO from VSC on Sept 27th. Boston DO forwarded it to Manchester, NH satelite office (since I am in NH), and sent us a letter with an interview schedule for December 6th....

Is this common? processing files recieved after retrogression kicked in, while PD of the applicant is still post cutoff dates. (PD - Aug 2002; EB2). Or is there something cooking in the background in terms of USCIS knowing something we don't about cutoff dates moving rapidly forward in the near future


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Good news. Congratulations. At least they are calling you for interview. My gut feeling is they will interview you, check the papers etc., make sure everything is in order and finally say that due to retrogression GC cannot be issued. But, since everything is already taken care of; as soon as PD becomes current you will directly get your GC. Anyway, good luck for Dec 6th.


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AOS Interview at Manchester, NH field office

My file was transferred by VSC (after they approved my request for expeditious handling) to the Boston DO on Sept 27. From there they forwarded it to Manchester, NH Field Office (as I am a NH resident)

I got an interview letter in the mail on 10/28. Their is only 1 letter addressed to both of us (my wife & I) notifying us of our interview scheduled on December 6, 2005. Is this common? only 1 letter for both me & my wife?

The list of things we have been asked to bring along are:
- PASSPORT and I-94 Arrival/Departure Record (if not previously submitted)
- Medical Examination Reports (if not previously submitted)
- Documentation of your qualification for permanent residence

I have a few questions -

(1) I got my mdeical examinations done in June 2003 (when I filed I-140/485 concurrently) - How long are the mdeical exams valid? I read somewhere that they expire after 15 months? Do you think I should schedule another medical exam? Also neither I not my lawyers have copies of my medical exams, since it was in a sealed envelope. How can I get those?

(2) What do they mean when they ask for "Documentation of your qualification for Permanent Residence"?

(3) Regarding current employment letters- When we started the GC process back in 2002, I was working as Senior Supply Chain Analyst (a manager level position). Since then I have been promoted a couple times, and I am currently the Director of Supply Chain (same group I was working for 3 years ago). Do I need an employment letter with the old job title? or Can I get an employment letter with my new title?

(4) Fingerprinting - My fingerprints were taken on Nov 30, 2004 and the fingerprint results were recieved by USCIS on December 1st 2004. How long are fingerprints valid? I have heard validities ranging from 12 - 24 months? Any of you folks on this forum been in my situation, where the interview was done with so much gap between FP & mdeical exams?

(5) Also I have noticed Biometrics being mentioned on this & other threads, Seems like folks have got both fingerprints as well as "Biometrics" done... What is this Biometrics?

Appreiciate all help



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Yes you will need to Medical again!
and take those reports along with you

I dont think you have to worry about Finger Printing if you are not
asked to do it again

You have to take your educational, and employment related docs

Birth Certificate, Passport, Original H1b approvals previous ones if you have,
Marriage Certificates, IRS transcripts for what ever period they requested

I think to be safer you should not show the new designation
but whatever is on the Labor and i-140

Do you have an attorney? Check with your attorney
Attorneys do come with you to the interview if you request them and pay

This is just my openion


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My GC Interview.

I had a GC interview on 10/31/2005 at my Local INS Office. The interview went very well. Once the Interview is over they asked two photos.
They took my I-94 from my passport. Finally they said that they are sending my case for
“FBI Background Check”
They also told me I couldn’t travel Outside US until I get My GC.

I am little confused what this all mean did I get my CG or not?
How much time will take to complete my FBI Background Test?
Why they took my I-94 & two Photos?

Please help me by clearing my Doubts.
Is this some thing to do with Priority Dates Retrogression ?



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The following is my feelings only. I may be totally wrong! So, do not rely on my thoughts.

It seems to me that some of the peoples who have already received A# would be able to get their I-485 approved even their priority date has retrogressed, provided visas are available to their country of birth. Consider the visa bulletin from July-Sept 2005 quarter where for all countries the EB3 visas were totally unavailable during the whole period. According to the regulation at least 19% of the visas must be available for that quarter. To whom the visas were allocated? I think the visas were allocated to some of the applicants whose applications were already pending. Also as posted by some of the forum members, I-485 applications were approved even after a retrogressed priority date.

So if you are lucky, your case may even be approved in spite of the retrogression.