anyone filed concurrent I140/485 in Feb 2004?


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my 140/485 was filed in Feb, 2004 on California EB2. I wonder if anyone has similar cases? I am thinking to start a tracker. Does anyone know if the pilot program picks applications in Feb.? Any comments are appreciated!

thanks to all the folks posting information here. I've learned so much from the forum and will start contrubuting.


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I don't have any new info to add, but if it makes you feel any better we are in the same boat :) Filed concurrently on Feb 04. Keeping my fingers crossed and my expectations low...


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File in Feb2004

yes, my I140/485 concurrently was filed in Feb2004. infact, I have replied to your earlier thread also. I haven't seen any Feb-2004 case approved under pilot program. If any body, see please post here.

EB2 at CSC I140/485 RD Feb 2004.