Advice on Change of Employer with EAD


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-I 360 approved December 2017
-I 485 (employment based EB4 ) application submitted in Dec 2017. Still waiting to hear on that.
-Received EAD/ AP combo card in March 2018, pending 'AOS' approval.
-Applied for renewal and received new one in Dec 2018. My card is 'C09P Category' and under 'Terms and Conditions' says 'None'.
-I work for a non profit religious organization (which has sponsored me for GC) as a Religious worker. I am finding it difficult to continue in the present employment..
i) Can I work for another employer? ii) What if I take up another part time job? iii) What happens if I resign from my present job? iv) What are my options? v) Can i ake advantage of AC21?
v)i Most importantly how will it impact the AOS application?

Really need some guidance on this.
Thanks in advance