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Discussion in 'K Visa and Related Issues at the Consulates' started by Lunamyst, Jan 6, 2017.

  1. Lunamyst

    Lunamyst New Member

    On the 9th of December he went for his interview in India. He was told at the window that he had so many documents that they did not have time to go through them. They issued him a white 221g that asked for more info invitations, wedding dress receipts, the priest that was marrying us, the cake vendor, the musician vendor, guest list, two notarized statements saying how we met....why we loved each other...and why we wanted to get married. We had all this as well as 7 letters with printed conversations that we have had with friends over fb for the last two years as recommendations. We both had waivers that were valid. Also provided was call logs, texts, video calls that showed we have communicated every single day for at least 4 hours as well as cards and post cards....gift receipts...financials and all appropriate papers. It was a perfect package. They told him to put it in the lockbox along eith his passport and he would receive an email when his visa was ready to be picked up. He personally returned it to the embassy with the passport and the girl at the window said everything was there and she was very positive. It was delivered on the 29th ...updated as received on the 4th as holiday and weekend and then again on the 4th they said we eould hear in two days where to pick up the visa and then on the 4th again it said under administrative review. It is now the 6th ...no update. Devastated as it should have been issued. Crying off and on. We are due to get married on the 14th of February. I honestly would not have bought the dress .....jewelry...veil....invitations unless it was on the 221g required list until the visa was signed. Anyone else going through this and they gave him every indication that the visa would be signed. Also petition expires on the first of February but i have an appointment with immigration on the 18th to get an extension so they cannot deny it because of expiration.....Only red flag is he is half my age but he showed proif that last girlfriend of 4 years was 5 years older than me. He prefers older women and i prefer older men. Under the Constitution we cannot be discriminated on because of gender, age, disability, race or religion. He is Hindu not Muslim so not a watclist criteria. And i am highly intelligent work for the Treasury Dept and am an ordained minister. Any suggestions, ideas?
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  2. figwit

    figwit New Member

    Hi Lunamyst,,
    sorry to hear about your fiancé's ap. We are at the sri Lankan embassy...ap for 92 business days and 134 days since our interview. We have a red flag. I am 20 years older than him.. try to keep the faith is my only suggestion.
  3. Pierre82

    Pierre82 Well-Known Member

    Hope your situation gets resolved.

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