AC21- Case I-485 Approved.......


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By God Grace, my GC got approved without any RFE. Here is My history..

My labour is filed in CA with company A - Jan 2001
Applied I 140 and left to Company B
Transferred my H1B to Company B - May 2001
Company A continues my GC proocess
My I 140 Approved with Company A - July 2001
Finally July 2002 Company A applied I 485 Intention to re employ me (Also attached the current Company B Employment Verification Letter and w-2 )
Left the Company B and Joined with Company C in March 2003
Transferred my H1B to Company C - March 2003
Got approval in July 2004 and Stamped in Aug 2004.
No RFE from INS.

I have couple of questions.
1. Do i need to file AC21 now?. Or i have to work for the Company A?
2. At stamping i gave all the EAD's, AP's, I-94 (which was attached to Passport) but not I-94 in the latest H-1B approval. Is that going to give me a problem??

Please help.

Thanks for all the help this forum


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Question about changing employers

This is my GC case history ...

Filed for my Labor with Company A on July 2001
Moved to Company B on August 2002 till present

My Labor will be approved this month from Atlanta after 3 years, however i need to extend my H1 visa for 7th year.

I am presently working with company B on my H1-B visa, however my GC application is being sponsored by company A,i had a phone call with my previous employer today and something interesting came up in the conversation.

They mentioned that when company A starts to file my i-140 and i-485 , i should have atleast 6 months worth of pay stubs from the previous employer who is sponsoring my GC.since the officer at the time of interview might question that i was not with the employer atleast until the time of filing and that might create some i would like to know that is there anyone with such experience in the past.i am little bit confused about the timeline regarding when i should start working with my previous 6 years are coming up this september and my current employer is about to start the process of extending my H1 for 7th year since my GC-Labor is delayed.

any thoughts are much appreciated


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I am also in same situation.

GC with Company A, but working with company B and last week I filed for 7th year extension of my H1B with company B.

LC approved in OCT 2001
I140 approved in Mar 2002
I485 filled in May 2002
Got Reff in JUN 2004
Case Transferred in Jul 2004
Waiting for interview….

According to my attorney it shouldn’t be a problem, because GC is for future employment. But I am also warred!!!


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Wife on F-1 and 1 yr left on my H-1


My wife is on F-1. I am on H-1 and my labor is about to be certified. I have a question on I-140/I-485 Filing.

1. Shall i include her in I-140 application also?
2. If we get both get EAD, i can not use AC-21 as I-140 is pending. But what about her? What will be her status? Can she work using EAD?

Any help is appreciated.

Sample letter from an AC21 Approved Individual

Can some, whose AC21 is recently approved, please post me a sample letter.
I am applying for AC21 urgently and am in need of your help with the sample letters.

Thanks in advance,


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AC-21 question


My case was filed concurrently. My PD : 4/2003.

I-140 got approved 6 months back. Can I use AC-21 if i want to change jobs because my case was concurrent filing.



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I have a similar question and would appreciate an answer because I could not find any iformation specific to this situation. My 140 & 485 were filed concurrently. 6 months have passed. No news on 140 or 485. I know that case has been transferred to local office. No telling how long is the wait time in local office. Now here is the question:

Can I accept another position within the same company with a different job title, similar responsibilities (meaning same + additional responsibilities than what was approved in LC), and different city?

Please help..


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Question on AC21 usability

Hello Gurus

Can u pls suggest me is it right thing to do :

Currently working for employer 'A' on L1A who don't want sponsor GC

Started GC process with future employment / substitue labor, applied I140/485 (concurrent filing), ND: 1/12/05 under EB3, through employer 'B',

Can I switch to employer 'C' who would like to offer me similar responsibility and title job once I complete 180 days from 1/12, whatever the status of I140/485 will be ????

Any suggestion is greatly appreciated.


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Though I visit this Forum every day, this is my first posting!!
I filed 140/485 concurrently and 140 is approved and 485 is pending since 1 yr.Can I change the employer using AC21 with the same or similar duties ?
What will happen if I-485 is denied ? Also can I have present company file for 7th Yr ext and then change the employer. So I can come back to original employer if 485 is not approved. Is this possible ?
An reply is highly apreciated.


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too bad empl. A doesn't want to sponsor. With L-1A you need no labor and they can file I-140 right away - it cannot be easier and faster.

According to new Yates memo 5/12/05 (after you asked your question), I-140 doesn't have to be approved anymore - just I-485 has to be pending > 180 days to use AC-21.


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you can definitely use AC-21 with what you have provided here.
As far as I understand you should be fine with extensions since you have I-140 approved and can use AC-21.


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AC-21 Case approved

My 485 approved yesterday as per the status update.

PD: 03/21/02
485 RD: 11/01/02
140 RD: 11/01/02
1 FP: 01/14/03
140 AD: 01/31/03
Job change: 06/01/03
2 FP: 10/28/04
RFE sent by USCIS: 05/16/05
RFE response recd by USCIS: 05/31/05
Biometrics FP: 06/01/05
485 AD: 06/06/05.


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Ac21 Questions

Hi All,

I am working with company A and moving to company B using AC21. I have valid H1B with Company A and Company A filled my lobour Subitions case 140/485 in Nov 7 2003. I-140 is approved in 10 Jan 2005. Company B is also want to sponsor H1B transfer.

Q1. Can I use AC21?
Q2. What will the best way to switch company A to Company B. H1B or EAD. If I use H1B transfer than how I can continue my GC process?

Please reply asap.

Thanks in advanced.