485 current while in India for 2years


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I have a pending EB3 485 application and my Priority date is Nov 22nd, 2002 which is current in the next 8-10 days according to march bulletin..

I (and my wife) have been in India for last continuous 2 years without visiting USA, and I have H1 B(wife has H4) renewed in nov 2012...
Don't have parole.

I have been working for a USA company from india and on regular payroll all this time while I am in india...

Can I enter to US with H1 after two years after the 485(GC) approval ?
Should I come to US and apply for advance parole and leave the country if the 485 is not approved in this time... and come back to US once GC approved?

What are my chances to enter to USA using H1B while the dates are current...
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