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Please help for I-140 RFE

Hi Team,

I have received RFE on my I-140 for EB2 category " Form ETA 750 indicates that ........beneficiary does have required experience in related occupations but does not possess five years of experience in the job.....in type of engineering field. It appears that the beneficiary does not qualify for the second preference requested."

My LCA is approved in EB2 and my job experience is also very progressive in engineering field (5 years abroad, 3 years USA = 8 years before LCA filed). Now technology changes so rapid that we are not using same tools, system. Everything changes rapidly... I don't know on what base they have considered only USA experience.

Does anyone has similiar experience, or knowledge...please advise...

I-140/I-485 ND 03/10/2005
FP Done 04/30/2005
I-140 LUD changes 07/26, 07/27, RFE Query: 08/10


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Guys, just saw VSC approval of cases in "Consolidated I485 threads"
Perhaps after 5 months VSC started giving good news, lets hope for us.
I-140 receipt number

My employer is not giving me the I-140 receipt number, what are the options of getting the receipt number. I think i can file G-635, but are there any other options.

Thank You in advance.