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  1. G

    Green Card Holder - not in US

    Dear Group, I am writing to seek guidance regarding my recent win in the Green Card Lottery and my current situation. I have relocated to Los Angeles, but I am facing delays in receiving my Social Security Number (expected to arrive within three weeks) and my physical green card (which may take...
  2. fasi25

    Different Situation :(

    Hello Everyone, This is Fasi here, I want your suggestions let me describe my situation and then accordingly I would like your experienced suggestions to sort-out my issue. I am non US person, My Wife and my son live in USA and they are citizen of US, my Son is 6 years old now. due to some...
  3. T

    Complicated case

    Hi, my case is kind of complicated, looking for some advice. I am actually working in the US with an H1B that expires 12/21/2018. I am of Honduran nationality. My wife is under H4 status, Jordanian nationality. Me, Jewish. My wife, catholic. My wife’s father is a US citizen since 2006. In 2007...