re entry permit

  1. S

    Re-Entry permit and 10 Year Green Card Expiry

    I am about to return to the USA to apply for my 2nd Re-Entry Permit (hoping it is approved for 2 years). However, my Green Card (10 year) expires in Dec 2019, for which I will have to return to the States to reapply for a new one. My questions are, if I have a valid Re-Entry permit in Dec 2019-...
  2. S

    I-131 Expiring, want to renew, but cannot make it to the States in time

    Hi, I am in a very stressful position right now, I have a valid I-131 (my first ever) that expires late September 2018, the plan was to go back to the States and reapply for my second I-131 before the current one expires, however I do not have money nor am I actually able to get time away from...
  3. F


    My wife and I have just had my case number (OC) go current and should hopefully be having our interviews in August (DV18). Due to some changes in personal circumstances since we entered, we'd like to delay our entry for as long as possible, and are planning on waiting until late 2018 or very...
  4. Quiwi

    Re-entry questions

    Hi, I have a couple of questions about the re-entry. a) Why does it have to be submitted while you're physically in the US? Just curious. Because it's mailed it, it could be mailed from anywhere, why do they say you have to be in the US for it? b) Also why do they have to do the Bio-metric's...
  5. P

    Re entry permit, marriage in Germany, renewal and name change.

    I am a legal resident and stayed in the Us for a year. I filed for a re entry permit since I would be out of the Us for some time and was approved for 2years. MY DILEMA: I got married and my husband lives in Germany. I live here with him now but I still want to maintain my LPR status. My re...