pending asylum

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    I-765 (c) (8).

    Hello guys, I need some help, Last year 07-2021. I sent the renewal for my employment authorization card base on my pending decision of my political asylum. I got the letter that they received it and since then I haven't hear anything. My current employer is about to terminate me because I...
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    Pending Asylum 6 years mom extremely sick back home what do I do

    hey everyone, I have been here since 2015 and applied for asylum 2016 since then ive been waiting to get my first interview with the officers. no update as of yet. I haven't seen my mom for so long and now she is extremely sick. She is on and off from the hospitals and it seems like she won't...
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    Adding a spouse to a pending asylum case

    Hey everyone. I applied for the asylum in Oct 2015, and have been waiting for the interview ever since. I got married in 2016 to a non-citizen on a student visa. Unfortunately, my spouse is overstaying her visa now, since we didn’t add her to my asylum case. I referred to an asylum manual on...
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    Adjustment of status from pending asylum to EB3 green card?

    Hi Everyone, I need help on this serious issue!!!! I came to USA on B2 visa and after arriving to USA within 3 months i applied for Asylum. I got my asylum filing notice before the expiry of my non-immigrant status. Now i got a chance for EB3. most of the lawyers told me that it is possible for...
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    pending asylum waiting time

    I submitted my case in 2015 and waiting for the interview for 5 years, I think I cannot get the interview for another five years based on the first come first out policy, what should I do
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    Renewing passport while pending asylum

    Hello Everyone, I applied for asylum in 2016 and still waiting for the first interview. My passport was expired back in 2016 and now I want to travel to Canada. Can someone tell me if I can get the passport renewed and visit Canada for a week or so.
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    Adding a spouse to my asylum application?

    Hello, I got married to a non US citizen who is physically in the US and would like to add her to my application. My asylum case is currently pending. Can I update my I-589 by just adding my spouse's information and then mailing it to USCIS or is there something else I should do? Thanks
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    I-765 form has been transferred to a different office

    I applied for EAD renewal (category c-8: pending asylum case) in November and got the receipt notice. Then they sent me a notice that they transferred my case in December to another office (Potomac Service center in VA). I went to the USCIS processing dates webpage and picked potomac center...
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    Urgent suggestion required

    When I applied for asylum in 2014, I was single. I gave my first interview around same time and my decision was pending for past 2.5 years. I married last year and my wife is also in non-immigrant visa. Next week, I have second interview scheduled as I got a interview letter 2 weeks back. So...