1. Anujdevan

    Derivative I485 denied in error

    Hi there, Myself and my wife applied for AOS in November 2021 and I recently got my GC approved whereas my wife got a denial.My wife filed as derivative in Nov 2021 but she also had her i140 approved from her employer. Yesterday, I received her denial notice and it clearly shows an error on...
  2. R

    J1 waiver pending with Department of State (Dos) and pending I-485 application. Can I use the EAD? Urgent help needed!

    Hi Everyone, Right now I am working as a Post-doctoral researcher in J1 visa. I am also a dependent applicant for EB1B category GC. I have a very specific situation and I want your opinion. I have submitted my final stage of J1 waiver application to DOS on 24th July, 2021. And without further...
  3. R

    I-485 denied I-290b motion to reopen

    Hi everyone, anyone had any experience with filing i290b motion for reopen/reconsideration for denied i-485? Here’s the background I filed an exceptional situation petition i-130 for my mother while we were stationed in korea due to my husband’s order to work in a military base here in US. My...
  4. meetcute

    I-485 denied due to miss 864 form please help

    I got a letter Notice of decision from uscis, It ask me to submit 290B to remotion it appeal, I choose to remotion. Do I need submit 485 together with 290B or submit only 864 with 290B!
  5. I

    Dad's I-485 denied, what is the right course of action - appeal or reapply? Please help.

    Hi, I am a US Citizen and applied for my dad's status change last year Sep 16, 2018. He came to US with B/travelers visa which was valid until June 2020. Got approved advance parole document and approved I-130 . Reason for I-485 denial: 'you re-entered the US with your non immigrant visa without...