child of us citizen

  1. twizzler3b

    Register Birth of US Citizen Abroad After Parent Renounces?

    I have a baby due in 2 months here in Thailand, I am a US Citizen, I am not married to the mother. I am planning to renounce my citizenship this year, probably a few months after the baby arrives. I'm still about 4-5 months from completing my second citizenship, which of course I'll complete...
  2. F

    Naturalization Certificate as a Child, Grown up now

    I got my Certificate of Naturalization when I was 16. Now I'm 48, taller, fatter, and with grey hair. When I show the certificate I never have a problem even though I don't look much like the picture. Has anyone had any age related issues because of a certificate with a picture of you as a...
  3. P

    Child got married while parent is LPR. Now parent is US citizen.

    Hi everyone. Here is the timeline of my status: 2008- My parent petitioned me (F2A) while I was still below 21 years old (parent is LPR status). 2010 - Transfered from F2A to to F2B 2014- While waiting for my petition to become current, I got married (parent is still LPR status) 2016 - Parent...