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    Arrested after the citizenship interview but before oath ceremony.

    I received a letter of invitation from USCIS for the Oath Ceremony. Unfortunately, I got arrested right after for criminal charges which the process may take a year to be dismissed. What are the chances that they let me do the oath? What are the chances that they take my GC and deny my...
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    Citizenship Atlanta Experience

    Hi Everybody, Apply for Citizenship: November 12, 2016 Fingerprint: April 20, 2017 Interview: April 12, 2019 So I went to my interview on April 12 for my interview. It was easy but was given N-14 to bring in documents for my court Disposition, Arrest Records, Birth Certificate and take 3...
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    Public Intox student who needs to renew F1 stamp

    Hello, Background: I am a student in a F1 Visa in Arkansas. I was arrested early in February while I was walking back from a bar with some friends. I was taken to jail and charged with Public Intoxication (Class C misdemeanor in Arkansas, Ark. Code § § 5-4-201, 5-4-401, 5-71-212). I was...
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    N-400 with arrest, no charges filed, arrest converted to detention by state

    In 2014 I was arrested at the doctors office, driven down-town and booked on a felony code, $50,000 bail. I posted bail and retained an attorney. The DA and my attorney worked on an "informal" resolution where they would monitor my attendance at some programs and classes. I was never arraigned...
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    Arrest record , applying for f1 visa

    Hi, i am on f2 visa. I was arrested about 1 year ago for domestic violence. A 3rd deg felony and a class b misdemeanor. Both charges were dismissed with i am trying to emroll in phd programme? Is it possible for me to get F1 visa? What sort of probls may arise during visa...